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PerfectumEM Electrical Material&Contracting, a dynamic engineering company officially establisted in April 1999 has the capability and capacity of manufacturing HV accessories; Link Boxes being the Main Line of Production, and including other cable accessories. EM background goes back to years of engineering and installation experiencesof 154 kV National Projects, 132 kV Overseas projects and sizeable scope of delivery 115 kV Projects in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This background has been further compounded with EM own accomplishments of successfully executing both National and Overseas HV projects.

EM, as an engineering and contracting company is actively engaged in two main areas;
1- Production; Link Boxes of all types and design being the MAIN LINE of Production. Also included are Cable Cleats , and special cable tools used in field applications.
2- High Voltage XLPE Power Cable Systems Project Engineering; Project executions both national and overseas.

EM having a good background and understanding of HV XLPE Cable Systems, technically is capable of deciding the best mechanical and electrical design features of a LINK BOX and HV CABLE CLAMPS. EM Reference List should back-up this fact. EM has its own machine shop capabilities including lazer cutting ,CNC milling machines to fabricate a good of part of components, Metal Bending Hydraulic Press,a well equipped Welding Shop and a Paint Shop. EM can deliver high quality LINK BOXES and HV CLAMPS of high reliability.

Our Mission

Flexible capability with high level quality
Customize development and production
Short and on-time delivery

Our Vision

Vision of EM is being the leading worldwide supplier of HV cable accessories:
Link Boxes
Cable Fixing Clamps
Metallic Housings and Coffin Boxes
HV. Tools

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